Such a Boy

Jackson is 100% Boy and I love it.  This child LOVES pretending.  He will pretend With toys or Without anything at all.  He gives me pretend things and wants us to pretend we are animals like cats, dinosaurs and monkeys.  I love that he has such an amazing imagination.  (oh yes, I am blogging again. We'll see how long it lasts.)
 Enjoy the pics below.
Jackson is growing in so many ways and of course I cannot remember some of the things he says right now.  But he will say the funniest things!  He will say "That's Ginormous"  (from Elf)  or "That's so Bunny"  (F's are B's)  He LOVES to snuggle Mommy at nap or bedtime.  He says, "Nuggle Me Mommy" 
He enjoys playing with his friends here in Cinci.  Adria, Beckett, Patrick, Matthew and Natalie.  And of course his cousins Landon & Carter.
 He has started a tumbling class at the gym.  Busy Bugs.  Its so cute!  I get to interact with him as well.  He does the high (low) beam, tunnels, jumping mats, balance beam and learns all sorts of jumps, kicks and summer-salts, etc.  He is registered for a 2-day preschool this Fall.  I am so excited for him to start.  He loves playing with other kids and is very social already. He already says "There's my School" when we pass it.  AND he says he wants to ride the bus too. He is such a Joy everyday!  We hope and pray for the opportunity for him to have a sibling. I think its time and he would make a wonderful big brother. But God Willing of course.


Kristen said...

Oh my word. The Superman outfit and tool belt! Too cute :)

Robbie Hudson said...

I love it that he has such a good imagination!