Well, I rarely write on this blog anymore and to be honest I just don't feel like it.  I post much more to facebook when I just have pics to post.  I originally started this blog because we lived so far away from family and it was a way for them to keep in touch.  Well we are living near them now so they get to see Jackson more often and keep up with us through actual physical contact. :)  I am loving it and feel so blessed.  I may have a few friends from Florida or Erie that still read the blog.  Not sure.  So, I will update it from time to time but I think its getting closer to becoming just an online memory book of the past 5 years.  ALOT has happened in 5 years and I love looking back at all my blog posts and seeing all the changes we went through.  I tear up everytime I see or read posts from the past.  Its a reminder that GOD IS GOOD and has been with us through it ALL!  Of course, the story isn't over.  I WILL post when I feel the urge or prompting to.  Here are some recent pictures I took of Jackson.  He is getting so big! Even I can't believe it sometimes.

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